Given the 23° weather and NFL playoff games, I decided not to stray too far from my apartment for this week's cookie. Cranberry's, located on the corner of Henry & Cranberry Streets in Brooklyn Heights is your standard muffin/coffee/cookie corner shop. The general local consensus is that this place is what it is; I've been told the coffee is often burnt and sandwiches are nothing special. What is special, however, is their unique twist on the black and white cookie.

From there outside, there is nothing to incidcate that your first bite into this swell lookin' cookie will be anything but expected delicousness. What throws your mouth immediately for a twist, as you will notice, is that this is no ordinary black and white cookie. Oh no, it is not, for the cookie, is chocolate. Yes, it's a chocolate black and white, and what I think of it follows if you can move your eyes off of the following picture...

Here's the deal. If you are the type of person to avoid/share the chocolate part of the traditional b&w because it is too sweet, you can stop reading right now. If you enjoy the chocolate part, is I do, you'll find that the vanilla part of Cranberry's cookie is a culinary explosion. It's like switching up a regular b&w, only more interesting. The icing is great on both sides. I personally don't have a huge sweet tooth, and found that by the time I had devoured half of the chocolate side, I just couldn't take any more. It's absurdly sweet, and it takes a special kind of person to make it through this entire cookie.

The Good
-$2, which I'm beginning to realize is the standard price for a B&W
-Icing is superb
-The cookie...is CHOCOLATE

The Bad
-If you can't handle anything too sweet, you might not be able to eat the vanilla side, let alone the chocolate


Anonymous said...

You should get a higher quality camera, these pictures really suck, which is a crying shame for all black and white cookie lovers out there.

Matt Fisher said...

thanks, i think the problem is with the formatting of the site, because the photos are actually high quality, but the way they get resized is awful. i'm looking at other options andhopefully will resume the site soon.

kelea said...

Hey, saw your post on ChowHound and I just wanted to say I feel your pain. I'm 25 and none of my friends can really dish of the dough to try out new restaurants in the city. It's tragic really cause there are so many on my list I need to cross off! There should be a group for young people who want to go out and try new restaurants...

Matt Fisher said...

hey kelea - lets get that group together! if you happen to see this, shoot me an email some time, fishermb@gmail.com. ciao-